Donate Time

The best and most valued Charity – Donation of Time


Saints and sages of all ages are revered because their lives were dedicated to attainment and dissemination of gyana . While accelerating your endeavors of attaining gyana by sanyam, swadyaya and sadhana , you should also donate some fraction of your time ( samayadana ) and resources ( anshadan ) forgyana- yagya . Easiest way to do this is to purchase some Vichar-Kranti(thought-revolution) books of our mission and read them.; This way you yourself will be doing anshadan as well as swadyaya . Devote your time to circulate theVichar Kranti literature to as many persons as you can and motivate them to read and then continue the cycle. This will be your ideal samayadana and seva . Try to donate your one hour of time and $1.00 for money per day on an average towards this noble cause of gyana- yagya .

Thus, by adopting four foundational principles of self-transformation you can elevate your lives to glorious heights and also help the wellbeing and upliftment of the society as a whole. If we reform and refine ourselves, transformation of the people worldwide will proceed gradually, like the harmonious progression of currents in a sea. Yug Nirman (creation of an evolved era) will emerge from evolution of the individuals, families and the entire human society.