Baal Sankaar Shaala


Gayatri Consciousness Center, located in the city of Anaheim CA, is engaged in disseminating the eternal knowledge of ancient Vedic scriptures in the community via two fundamental elements of Sanaatan Dharma – Gayatri, which means righteous thinking, and Yagya, which means righteous actions. Being part of a global movement to transform the world into a heavenly place, where entire humanity would live in peace, harmony, and bliss, it aims to achieve that goal by promoting some practical and easy practices to help inculcate divinely attributes in mankind. Our belief is that the thoughts are directly responsible for the results one experiences in his or her life, and therefore the key to real joy and success in life – both at material and spiritual level, lies in the fact that our thought process must be “fixed”. All World Gayatri Pariwar, our parent organization, has been promoting this very concept of “Thought Transformation Movement” since more than sixty years, which has inspired millions of ordinary people across the world to realize their true divinely potential and become flag bearers of this noble mission.

Any change in the society has to first reflect in the people that make it. And to this end, philosophy of Gayatri Pariwar suggests starting at the very elementary level – working on self. Once an individual goes through reformation, he or she inspires the immediate family to reform, which then leads to better society, and eventually the entire world. In order to expect any positive changes in the society and in the world, it is also vital to groom our children at a young age and provide them with the right environment and guidance to nurture their overall personality. Baal Sanskaar Shaala program, designed with teachings of Sanaatan Dharma at its core, aims to do just that. Unlike a typical curriculum based program, it also strives to impart knowledge (vidya) in the children, not mere education (shiksha). Knowledge, which helps them become better human beings.


Baal Sanskaar Shaala program aims to achieve following goals-

v  Make children aware of the heritage of Sanaatan Dharma, and of India

v  Cultivate the virtues of self-discipline, leadership, compassion and courage in children

v  Develop team spirit, and provide children opportunities to realize the importance of service

v  Identify, and tap the talent and energy of children in a constructive way

v  Overall personality development of children – at mental, physical, and spiritual level


A glimpse of Baal Sanskaar Shaala session at Gayatri Chetna Center. This video shows the youngest group of children at Baal Sanskaar Shaala, learning about Lord Shiva. Gayatri Chetna Center, under the guidance of its parent organiztion “All World Gayatri Pariwar” has been established in the city of Anaheim CA to proliferate the ancient knowledge of vedas via Gayatri (which means righteous knowledge – Sadbuddhi) and Yagya (which means righteous action – Satkarm).