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Collective (Group) Sadhana

Collective (Group)Sadhana The goal of collective sadhana inspired by yugrishi is to give momentum ...

Gayatri Mantra By Lata Mangeshkar

Spiritual Guidance & Camps

 Shantikunj has been developed as a spiritual sanitarium where practical guidance is given to make one’s body, mind and inner-self health y and elevated. Hundreds of Sadhaks perform Gayatri Yagya daily in twenty KundiYagyashala of the Ashram . All the Sanskar s viz.Annaprashan , Vidhyarambha , Upanayan , Marriage, Vanprastha , Shraddhkarm , etc. are performed here free of charge . Regular Shivir/Camps @ Shantikunj :   Click here to apply  Shivir Name Duration Scheduled Date Contact Apply Nine days spiritual training sessions Nine Day […]

The Religion of Future

Modern scientific research on microsubtler forms of matter and energy has reached a state where further advancement in the righteous direction of search for absolute truth would translate its fields of investigation from that of matter and energy to the vast domains of consciousness. This will set an active connection between science and philosophy of […]

Pragya Abhiyaan

Pragya Abhiyan Aug 2013 – Hindi & Gujarati Edition

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India Independence Celebrations at Haridwar